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Veterans Day, 2017. We acknowledge and thank our Veterans and those that work to make a difference in the lives of a vet. Thank you Veterans Community Project!

Our customers’ are our heroes. Each of our customers has a story, a cause, and are out there making a difference in our community. They are the “Superstars” that we are fortunate to meet and work with. Here we acknowledge them for who they are and what they contribute.

With this “Superstar” post, we acknowledge the  founders of the Veterans Community Project. 

Across our great country, veterans, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other issues, end up on the streets after they finish their service. Three veterans in Kansas City who work with this homeless population felt like traditional services weren’t working for them. So, with a vision in mind, they decided to build a village of tiny houses to give these veterans a home. Their vision did not stop at simply providing homes, they are also in the process of building an outreach center in which they will provide legal services, counseling, financial management programs, and various rehabilitation programs to give homeless vets a new start.

3 Tiny Vet Homes 102216 JAT 657F
Chris Stout (left) listens as fellow co-founder Kevin Jamison talks with members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association at Veterans Village near East 89th Street and Troost Avenue.

Veterans Community Project Mission

1. End Veteran Homelessness
2. Never Say No to a Veteran in Need
3. Connect Veterans to their Community
4. Connect Community to their Veterans

Chris Stout, co-founder Kevin Jamison, and a host of volunteers from the Kansas city area, are joining forces to build the tiny house village, construct the outreach center, and develop the programs and services to support homeless vets. The village, when completed is planned to provide over 50 tiny homes to house homeless veterans.

“Most of these veterans are homeless because they are suffering from mental health issues or substance abuse. It’s not a question of money because a lot of these guys get monthly pensions from the government. Some are homeless because of their inability to integrate,” states Chris Stout

“Their stories are diverse, but all of them are heartbreaking. I worked with a 27-year-old guy who had four deployments to Iraq. The first person he killed there was an 8-year-old boy. He was suffering from severe, untreated PTSD and ended up living in a homeless camp in the woods.”

This tiny home was built not only by area volunteers, but the host of Tiny House Nation, Zach Griffin, was on hand to lend support.
Ford along with UAW 249 donated the vehicles used to locate the tiny homes. This tiny home is currently pulled in parades and used in events to increase awareness about the VCP and their mission.
Ford along with UAW 249 donated the vehicles used to locate the tiny homes. This tiny home is currently pulled in parades and used in events to increase awareness about the VCP and their mission.

Chris Stout served in the US Army from 2001 to 2007. He was injured while serving in Afghanistan and medically retired. Now, he is the president of the Veterans Community Project, which he co-founded with fellow veteran Kevin Jamison, who spent 20 years serving with the Marines. VCP Leadership Bios

The team at Veterans Community Project is working furiously to open their headquarters at 8900 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Missouri 64131. This Veterans Community Center is planned to be completed March 30th. With the help of area business, organizations, and individuals, the VCP plans to begin moving veterans into the tiny houses beginning late fall of this year.

Tiny house village.VCPHere we acknowledge the sponsors that are helping with talent, time,and contributions to make the village:

We feel fortunate to work with such amazing customers. They are truly our heroes. As our way of saying “Thank You,” we now provide a veterans discount. Veterans Savings Coupon

Coupon | Savings for Veterans
Coupon | Savings for Veterans

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